Introduction to DNA Industrial Hygiene

DNA Industrial Hygiene is an Occupational/Environmental Health & Safety firm providing comprehensive industrial hygiene/environmental services. We maintain a staff of Safety & Health Professionals, who have qualified for the following professional credentials, Certified Industrial Hygienists and California Asbestos Consultants. They are ready to meet your Health & Safety, Environmental compliance needs.

Since 1982, DNA has been in the industrial hygiene business under the same name and leadership -- Dan Napier . Our experience gives us the confidence to provide innovative services. We have introduced procedures that provide significant time and monetary savings to our customers, with minimum risk to individuals, corporations, and the environment.

DNA Services

DNA employs a multi-disciplinary approach to solve complex environmental issues. Services include initial site assessment characterization, legislative compliance, project design and management through remediation. Monitoring and analytical methods are used to identify the potential for worker and environmental exposures. Engineering work practices are employed to control potential health and environmental hazards. DNA has the field experience to deal with a significant array of situations. Property Assessments, Phase I, II, and III are conducted to ensure the client that sound real estate decisions are made by lenders, buyers, sellers, tenants and manufacturers. Environmental impact reports and risk assessment and management are performed by scientists whose regulatory and technical specialties provide a clear picture of the hazards. We also develop remediation efforts for cost-effective solutions where sometimes a "No Further Action" statement is the best remediation. We can help you develop the most effective IIPP (Safety & Health Program) for your organization. We provide effective defense when you have been cited by OSHA or EPA.  Please refer to our records retention policy should you wish to retain us.

Our employees are committed to providing the best available solutions as well as the technology for our client needs. DNA is an integral resource to management for a cost-beneficial approach to the protection of the environment.

DNA Training

DNA is an EPA-approved training provider for OSHA required occupational health and safety classes. Examples of classes taught are EPA (AHERA/ASHARA) Contractor Supervisor, Asbestos Worker, Building Inspector, Management Planner and refresher courses, which can be taught on location. An intensive hands-on interactive environment provides each student with in-depth hazardous waste and emergency response training required for certification and competency. We are affiliated with Environmental Safety Training Professionals for California approved training courses ESTP .

DNA Industrial Hygiene Services

 Air Quality Analysis--Air Monitoring Tests

Air Pollution Studies--Source Testing

Cal & Fed OSHA Defense

 Cal OSHA Compliance Survey--Self Insurance Approval--Safety Audits--Benchmark Survey

Certified Industrial Hygienists, Click here for a listing--CIH

 Certified Safety Professionals, Click Here for a Listing--CSP

Compliance Consultation–OSHA&EPA Regulation Compliance

Report Intrepretation--Analysis of previous tests

Expert Witness Testimony

 HAZMAT Surveys

 Legal Description Preparation--Phase I Survey

Noise Monitoring & Analysis--Community Noise Levels--OSHA Noise Survey--Noise Dosimetry

Noise Abatement Analysis

 Operations & Maintenance Manual Production

 Operations Assistance/Troubleshooting

 Preventive Maintenance Program Design

 Project Negotiations

 Tight Building Syndrome Evaluations

 Biological Monitoring

DNA Environmental Services

 Ambient and Source Monitoring

 Annual Inspections and Certifications


 Air Pollution Controls

 Ecological Investigations

 Environmental Audits

 Environmental Site Assessments

 Field Testing

 Hazardous Waste Management

 Hazardous Waste Investigation

 Information Management - MSDS

 Materials and Machinery Analysis

 Permit Applications & Reporting

 Policy Manuals & Operating Procedure Manuals

 Project Chemistry

 Project Coordination and Oversight

 Regulatory Compliance Support

 Remote Sensing Services

 Risk Management

 Site Investigation and Remediation

 Soil Vapor Surveys

 Soil Investigations and Remediation

 Third Party Reviews

 Underground Storage Tank Investigations

 Underground Storage Tank Cleanup and Removal

 VOC and Air Toxic Control

 Waste Management

 Worker Training: HAZWOPER - Respirators - Equipment Operators - General Safety


 DNA Industrial Hygiene. is dedicated to protecting workers and the environment through cost effective management and abatement techniques. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers are Certified Industrial Hygienists, Architects and Professional Engineers. We are the professional's resource.