Record Retention Policy:

Dan Napier, CIH -- DNA Industrial Hygiene strives to provide the most effective records system possible.  It is our policy to provide our clients with all of the original records and documents as soon as possible after we have completed our work.  We understand the clients responsibility to maintain Health and Safety and Industrial Hygiene records for their enterprises.  In some instances the requirement extends to thirty years.  To that end we strive to provide low acid content documents that are archive quality, however we recommend that the records are preserved and maintained by the best available technology.  Field notes by their very nature are sensitive to age and should be maintained with care.  Our policy is to assist our clients  to maintain their records in confidence.  Their records are the original documents and the only copies available. We will maintain electronic copies of records and documents for as long as two months after current accounts have been settled.  We may maintain records for a longer time, but the accuracy or availability of those stale records is not guaranteed or reliance on those stale records recommended.  We can provide electronic copies of our work and provide paperless reports in some instances if the request is within the two month window after closure of accounts.  We will utilize the most appropriate system for that transfer.  Usually we prefer Adobe Acrobat  PDF® files that have been sealed with a passphrase or other security measure. 
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