If you want to become Self-Insured for Workers Compensation Insurance in California you must apply to self insure for workers' compensation with the Office of Self-Insurance Plans.  As part of that Application you are required to have an evaluation of the occupational safety and health hazards in the workplace.  Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 15353 et seq. calls this an evaluation of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).  The evaluation must be performed by an independent professional who has not worked for your company for the last five years (Free from conflicts of interest).  The professional must be any of the following,  a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) , a certified safety professional (CSP), or a registered professional engineer (P.E.).  Of course we are qualified to do this and have conducted many such evaluations over the years.

The agency is looking for an evaluation of the content of all required written safety programs, not just the IIPP.   The Agency wants written proof that the programs have been implemented and are effectively maintained.  The agency requires that the evaluation include a wall-to-wall hazard identification inspection according to Cal/OSHA regulations.  The CIH, CSP or PE is required to  report their opinion of the IIPP and the survey findings to you and subsequently to the Office of Self-Insurance Plans.  The CIH, CSP or PE must state that your safety and health program meets legal requirements.  The purpose of the evaluation and opinion of the CIH, CSP or PE is to assure  the employees and the government that you, the employer are able to provide a safe place to work without, the  support of loss prevention services of an insurance carrier.

The CIH, CSP or PE must visit the workplace and audit the written programs and safety records and conduct the hazard identification inspection.  Hazards identified are reported to you in a preliminary report.  The agency requires that the hazards be classified similarly as to a Cal/OSHA inspection with hazards shown as either "serious" or "general" classifications.  The agency requires the hazards to be described as violations of regulations by code.

If a serious violation is found, you will be required to satisfactorily correct the hazard before the CIH, CSP or PE's final report.  The CIH, CSP or PE will provide you with a corrections form and you will need to complete the form describing serious hazard corrective actions.  The CIH, CSP or PE is then required by the agency to personally return to the workplace to verify satisfaction with the corrective action.  The employer is also encouraged to correct "general" hazards but this action will not delay the report.

The CIH, CSP or PE then prepares the final report, stamped with their credentials.

We will perform this work for your company.  In the event that you need to produce an IIPP, we can do that work for you.  We will then not be able to perform the Self-Insurance evaluation, but we will be able to assist you by locating a competent professional to evaluate your IIPP and Health and safety program.  We warrantee the IIPP for the subsequent evaluation.

The cost for this work is negotiated before work is started and is a time and material contract with a not to exceed cost ceiling.   Call me, Dan Napier, CIH, CSP  at 800-644-1924 X 103 .