How to use the Adobe® Fill in the blanks sheet.

You can fill and save any Acrobat © document, if you have Standard or Professional Adobe.  If you do not have the Acrobat® writer, you can read and fill in, save and Email  the forms on my page with the FREE version of Acrobat® that you get here.         Get Free Acrobat Reader-- Latest Version

If you are using an older Version of Acrobat®, you may get the message that the file is corrupted.  This time it is about you, you need to get a more recent version, the version you need is  Version 8 or newer.  These files here are special, you can save them, copy them, email then or print them now or later-- usually  Adobe Acrobat® Reader will not allow you to Email, or save on line forms, you can only print them. 

E-mail Instructions:

After you have clicked on the link you will see a fill in the blanks document. Fill in the blanks. The form has helpful hints and you should get be able to complete the form easily. Explorer ® or Mozilla Firefox ® should be able to remember the blanks so it should go pretty fast the second time. When you are done filling in the form you can either print it and then FAX it to me or you can Email it to me. I recommend saving a copy no matter what you do. E-mail it to, please follow up with a phone call 800-644-1924 X 103 if you do not get a return e-mail that I am doing the project, to make certain the e-mail is not in some spam bucket or caught in some internet storage bin lost in the electronic maze. To send the e-mail there should be an icon at the top of your Acrobat® screen right beside the little disk that you use to save the file. If it is not there, just hold the mouse pointer over the disk and click with your RIGHT finger, you will see a drop down menu with the option to email a copy. It will ask you if you want to send a link or a copy to the person. Send a copy of the file. If that fails, just make a copy and attach it to an email to me. There is usually a little paper clip icon in your favorite e-mail client that you can select to attache a file to the email that you send me. I will always send you a notice that I got your email and that I have sent the plan to you. Most of the time I will even call you. If you have more sheets or the job is not on the internet -County, City or other Agencies Jobs. Please scan the information that you have or default to the old FAX.  (310)406-1939

Fax Instructions:

Fill in the form, print it. Put the printed form in your FAX and send it to (310) 406-1939. This is the most secure, since FAX does not get lost in the ethernet.

In any case Call me at 800-644-1924 X 103 we can always just talk about the project. I more than likely will wax philosophical or have some humorous bromide to share with you.

Dan Napier, CIH

December 12, 2022