Your used oil has a refund associated with it. If you want that refund sign up as a California Used Oil Recycling Center and then file this claim form. Check who much used oil you are recycling or how much oil you are buying. Multiply that by sixteen cents for each gallon you recycle or purchase, you can estimate how much of a refund will get.

How can I find out more about this program?

Here is the State of California's web page Frequently asked questions and answers are available on the state website at


What is the value of the used oil, and how often do I need to file a claim?

The State pays 16 cents for every gallon of used oil collected from your facility. The form needs to be filed quarterly.

What forms do I need to complete to get certified?

Here is the main page that tells you what you need to do. Here is the page with the forms.

Do I need to keep any special/extra paperwork as part of the program?

Your used oil pickup receipts are needed they come from your used oil hauler. You need to show your oil purchases.

How do I get the gallons of new Oil+ATF purchased per quarter needed for the claim?

Contact your bulk oil supplier for the number.

What is the maximum amount of oil that a person can bring?

You can set a limit, if you want you limit it to not more than 5 gallons per person.

Do I need to pay the public?

You can offer them anything, 10 cents per gallon. No paperwork is needed.

What if the oil looks contaminated?

You do not need to accept contaminated used motor oil or other waste given to you. Instructions are listed here Tell them to take it to a State facility.

What paperwork needs to be posted?

The Certificate of a Used Oil Recycling Center (8.5 x 11 sheet of paper) needs to be posted in your shop. Post a Used Oil Recycling Center sign in your driveway. California supplies the sign to you for free.

Do I have to commit to a long term obligation to the State?

You can leave the program with a simple written notice to the State.

What if my oil gets contaminated?

Keep a 16 gallon drum separately for storage of oil from the public and keep suspected oil in that drum. The state will reimburse you for incremental costs for disposal due to contamination in oil you accepted from the public. The contaminated oil refund is up to a maximum of $5,000 per year. You should post signs to remind both employees and customers not to mix anything with used oil or pour contaminated used oil into your storage tanks. The State provides the signs, again there is no cost to you for the signs.